Triangular Music

From creativity, we give it our all.


THE AUDACITY OF GENIUS: IMMERSE YOURSELF IN OUR CONTENTS When a flower that opens wide and blooms has no shame, the fragrance expands regardless of whether it is valued or recognized, there is no discretion, greed or concealment in all that is natural. Exuberant beauty bursts forth even if it is surrounded by ugliness, nothing prevents it from showing itself as it is. Creation creates everything with a creative potential that, in the case of humans, only daring allows us to release. Genius leads us smoothly towards unprecedented, creative, original and universal achievements. All genius is eccentric and daring, all boldness is brazen and daring. Triangular music is the movement that arises naturally in the very life of awakening human beings, it is the active practice of what we understand as truths about ourselves are revealed to us, it is the progress we make step by step towards flourishing, it is the verification we experience in the satisfaction we feel for being, for being and for not having to do anything to receive what existence wants to give us. The music is inspiring, guiding us towards an inner journey; the images are the support, accompanying us on the journey; and the words with Alverto’s voice bring presence, giving life to the experience. We are a team of professional people, we have allowed ourselves to be touched by the divine, working creatively in a magical fusion. From the understanding of human depth we give ourselves to the task of creating from the feeling of gratitude.
Love is not a feeling but what unites us with everything.
Love my teachers who are enjoying life so close to me.
The miracle of blossoming turns the human being into the temple of love.

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Access complete audiovisual pieces written and directed by Alverto Varela.