"This is an artist thing."

A multiformative and original proposal, aimed at musicians, composers, singers, poets, painters, actors, screenwriters, directors, and anyone who recognizes their creative and creative potential. In a variety of different proposals, these INSPIRATIONAL RETREATS are carried out through several days of practical theoretical development aimed at supporting the student to handle autonomously, the various creative tools within several options: Audiovisual Production, Video Editing, Color Grading, Sound Post Production, Music Production, Graphic Design, and other creative departments. The team of facilitators and instructors belong to the staff of TRIANGULAR SPACE S.L. an audiovisual production company that for 3 years has been developing a magnificent teamwork led by creative freedom, and has produced more than 30 short films. In these formative retreats we use entheogens, music, dances, encounters with nature, inspiring videos, debates with conscious use of language, and above all the real experience of those of us who have reached a degree of professional skill beyond any academic qualification. It is an experience as enriching as it is revealing of extraordinary secrets of creativity. creativity.

The Method

Contact with thousands of people attending inner evolution retreats has given us a great experience in different ways of integrating the contents that move on an emotional and spiritual level. It inevitably led us a few years ago to incorporate systemic and body approaches to deepen even more and offer participants tools to facilitate the release and integration. We are documenting all this experience gathered from so many years and so many people to become the foundation of a new method based on dance, although it goes far beyond it. This dance method, unlike others, is not an end in itself but is essentially a means that prepares participants to have significant experiences and allows them to integrate them.”


The students who join this training are asked to participate in at least ten sessions of Triangular Space in person so that they connect deeply with the proposal. In the meantime, we give them theoretical and practical training from expert teachers in different dance methods.