The two madnesses

Abandoning the false and recovering the authenticity of being ourselves.

Based on a novel by Luigi Pirandello and a poem by Khalil Gibran, with texts by Unamuno and Osho. It is the story of two types of crazy men. One who revives the madness of having enslaved himself in the gaze of the other, and another madman who ceases to be a structured lie, who, although he has been trapped in an organized appearance, dares to get out of the manipulation that others execute every time they define him. The madness allows him to let go of control over what he thinks he is to recover the freedom of what he is. Becoming part of a society that lives by hypocrisy is a madness process for a pure and innocent being who comes to earth to experience love. Even so, from that same energy of madness, we can leave that first madness to access another liberating madness, which allows us to find the authentic and genuine beyond the masks we have built to defend and protect ourselves.