The game of compression

Between mind and consciousness, there is a nexus that works as an evolutionary process.

Based on an original idea of Alverto during his stay in prison, he designed 999 cards with drawings, words, concepts, and meanings, to play to understand. This game gave rise many years later to multiple developments, such as the CONSCIOUS SCHOOL, the EVOLUTIONARY THEORY OF LANGUAGE, and TRANSCENDENT PSYCHOLOGY. It is, in essence, the reencounter with the UNDERSTANDING INTELLIGENCE that is asleep or turned off in human beings who have forgotten their divinity. Starting from the principle that incomprehension is ignorance and, in turn, the root of suffering, the possibility of carrying out an internal evolutionary process to dissolve the incomprehensive nature of the mind is proposed. Beginning with OPENNESS, passing through LISTENING and arriving at RECOGNITION, giving rise to the phenomenon of CONNECTION with the transcendent through a transformation of what enters; integrating it, assimilating it, incorporating it, and allowing it to end up becoming energy, essence, and consciousness. We are before the discovery of the importance of comprehension in awakening consciousness, posed as an absurd but necessary game to reconcile and reintegrate us into existence. This process occurred in a human being who spent 14 months in jail, and because he could not understand, he created this excellent game that prepares the way for awakening consciousness.