Spiritual Intimacy

Creating bonds of love from trust and surrender.

It is the true story of a process of comprehension about ourselves and our formative organization, in which, besides healing ourselves, we are putting our best into the art of dedicating ourselves to other people. January 28, 2021, at the end of this documentary, Alberto Varela gathered a small group of mentors from his school to present them with this documentary. It reveals some secrets about the spiritual evolution of the human being and how he has developed his entire formative and collaborative approach in the organization he founded in 2012 and expanded to five continents. These secrets are coming to light and being transmitted to students through the “Conscious School”, the “Beyond Inner Institute”, the “Alverto Academy”, and the “Mystical Initiation and Ontology of Being” Retreats, and private Satsang. These spaces represent the meetings of spiritual intimacy from which love and trust arise among a group of people united in the same purpose.