Society or solitude?

The balance between being oneself, being in the peace of solitude, and sharing life with others.

One of the fundamental questions that human beings have always asked themselves is whether to live in society or solitude. But behind these extreme options lies a personal challenge that unsettles those who make a path of inner evolution. Based on a vast selection of texts by mystics and philosophers who courageously and honestly pose the options of being alone or accompanied, a higher and equidistant space is opened between the known possibilities to consider the most challenging one, that of living from solitude in society, sharing with others but from individuality. This point of balance and integration arises partly from Friedrich Nietzsche’s observation of the prophet Zarathustra, who transformed 30 and after living ten years in solitude. Was it solitude that transformed him? Or was it disappointment with society? Or maybe both or neither. This is the theme of this exciting audiovisual.