Rebellious Childhood Osho

Innocence is itself a natural pact with the truth.

Based on a true story of the childhood of a great mystic of the 20th century. Historically, whenever a master, a mystic or a genius has been born, no one has been able to notice or recognize it at the time, but in all cases, and from a very young age, these peculiar human beings have given clear signs that they brought something special and out of the ordinary. This is the case of OSHO. This story happened in India when he was 10 years old. And it is one of many very particular stories that this child has lived who was destined to go so far, to become one of the greatest mystics, and to go so deep into the hearts of millions of people. Basically, this audiovisual shows us the magical and enchanting process in which freedom is transformed into genius and trust becomes pure wisdom. This video is very confrontational for parents and educators, an invitation and a challenge to stop teaching children to lie, because they are turning them into liars, impotent and unhappy, ready to consume everything and feel a dissatisfaction that does not go away. until the real thing is recovered.