Who dies?

Life is eternal for those who truly live. We have so many ways to die homeopathically, the search for self-destruction has become the number one cause of human death, the unconscious suicide that we propitiate is installed in the deepest substrates of the human species and in all socio-cultural classes. This audiovisual raises the possibility of addressing this issue in order to transcend death before it comes. Living or dying is a subjective experience, therefore, there are people who die and others who do not, it all depends on how life is lived. Hence the question Who dies? The answer to this transcendent question is the essence of this audiovisual production, and is inspired by the understandings of the poet Pablo Neruda; expanded and developed by Alverto in an original vision about that which dies, which leads us to a reflection on the relativity of death for those who dare to truly live. https://psicologiatriangular.com