Divine Surprise

The miracle of blossoming makes the human being the temple of love. A TRIANGULAR MUSIC PRODUCTION: “The new entheogenic experience” A part of the text is from the beloved master Osho, they are talks that are in the book: “The way of the white clouds”; it is something so powerful that inspired me to develop a Conscious School class about the blossoming of love in the human being. In this magical combination of words, music and images opens the possibility of accessing deep understandings, which although perhaps confronting us, also points us in the right direction. This fusion of reflective content belongs to all of us who are awakening from the illusion, because consciousness itself is showing us the way into existence. Those of us who make these audiovisual productions are simply decoding what millions of people are feeling and longing for in their spiritual quest. These 33 minutes of video contain the essential keys to bliss. Alberto