Open or closed.

The human being seems closed but is open to everything.

This reflective documentary about human relationships, affectivity, and the possibility of letting the other inside us, represents a reality that many suffer from denying their authentic nature or not wanting to open up because of the challenging experiences of the past. To be sincere and natural with others or to be in tune with the essence that links us human beings has become quite a feat. As a result of the ruptures and challenging experiences we have had with the people who have accompanied, formed, and educated us, we have ended up distanced from everyone and with a separatist, distant and indifferent attitude toward almost everyone. Those who could currently give us the best and receive the best from us are left out, and we miss the excellent opportunity to heal, reconcile and love. The trauma of relationships infects the human condition. This wound affects us substantially daily, but that can be healed from a comprehension guided by consciousness, by the reconquest of sensitivity, which gradually leads us to LOVE.