The journey from mistrust and lies to life and love.

Based on a Consciousness School class, Alverto denounces the collective swindle of society and exposes the possibility of stopping concluding, labeling, and defining things, others, and oneself. That decision to stop being a character or a set of masks opens the way to undertake the migration towards the authentic. The lie does not want us to cross this path, preventing the truth from being reached. This journey from ego to needing no guidance is a light and natural journey, from fear to love. It is a feat that only the soul can do when we choose to live and trust no more. A brief and masterful 9-minute summary of what has been a 70-minute master class interspersed with a genuine dialogue that Alverto had with one of his close collaborators, Amalia, whose voice reflects the authenticity of a moment and a choice for freedom and love.