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Let it come

Nothing is in my hands. If nothing depends on me, then who does it depend on?

Many people wonder how to regain the power of the self that has been stolen from us, so the lost personal authority returns? But when it is recovered, although the self is empowered and at ease, it does not bring satisfaction, peace, or true power. So at some point on the inner evolution path comes that moment of surrendering the false power of the self. What the masters have wisely called UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDERING, placing ourselves in the hands of life, of existence, letting go of control, and leaving behind the ambition to dominate and the need to do, win and prove. The authority that is born is unknown. It is an authentic attitude because it is internal, it is genuine because others do not give it, and it is harmless because it is not used to manipulate others. The authority arises from the disempowerment of the self, dethroning the tyrannical dominion of the personality and giving place to the flow to guide us, from the confidence that comes from being in the best hands of love and acceptance. Self-compassion is the only and most potent inner authority.