Human experience

Through biology, consciousness can be transformed into love.

GOD IS A WORD; CONSCIOUSNESS IS ITS MEANING. DIVINITY IS THE SUM OF ALL THE WORDS AND ALL THE MEANINGS TRANSFORMED INTO THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE THAT GIVES MEANING TO LIFE. The madness of talking about God or any word that symbolizes the transcendent is a challenge that only those with the experience can approach in depth. Alverto affirms: ¨I have been delaying for about 40 years the moment to talk about God, I approached it as a word, but in the end, God had to talk about me, because, from the silence that comes from having that experience, there is no interest to talk about it” After more than two years that Alverto stopped giving classes and workshops at Escuela Consciente concerning the training program in support and accompaniment to processes of inner evolution that he has provided for three years, he has returned with module 5: THE AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS. This class is the last four she has given in Bex Switzerland from August 2 to 4, 2021.