Healing rejection (1)

Looking at the infinity of the inner, we open ourselves to a new destiny.

This audiovisual production results from a 30-minute talk, in which Alverto unusually imprinted very particular energy in every word spoken. Illustrated with images of infinity, which support the depth of the theme of the healing of rejection. The intimate relationship between FREEDOM and ACCEPTANCE, and between TRUST and YES, create the conditions for SURRENDER and the consequent transcendence of rejection to turn towards new and immense possibilities of love and to flourish. An audiovisual production, a therapeutic and spiritual session of 39 minutes, opens an internal process of healing and comprehension much more significant than what the mind can assimilate. That is why we consider it a work of art of spiritual healing. It all began on August 11, 2021, in Marbella, when Alverto gave a brief talk to a small group of about 30 people, which was filmed by his partner Paula Carmona with her phone, and upon reaching the hands of the creative team of Triangular Space Productions, was transformed into this medicine.