Freeing me from me

To escape from the slavery of the mind requires a masterful escape.

Confinement inspired us to bring out the best in ourselves. | TRIANGULAR PRODUCTIONS This audiovisual was produced with material recorded in Milan at the end of 2021 when Alverto Varela and his son Elián Varela and the translator and organizer Michela Quaglia presented the new format of the Spiritual Mystical Retreat attended by more than 60 people during the pandemic and restrictions. The massive attendance of the participants within that social confinement demonstrated an act of particular courage, albeit on a small scale, that humans have to free themselves from their fears. They are fed up with being dominated and enslaved by fake news and implanted fears. Escaping from the slavery of the mind requires the determination to ask for help from existence to guide us in this masterful escape and to be willing to stop being what we thought we were or even to lose everything. Unlike what most people think, that we must free ourselves from others, society, system, politicians, or religious people, this video raises the unprecedented possibility of freeing ourselves from ourselves so that from there, we can free ourselves from everything. But to free ourselves from ourselves is not to commit suicide but to die to the lie. The softness with which the themes are presented, the extraordinary management of silences, and the love of those who hold these moments of comprehension are reflected in the depth of each word transmitted.