Biography of the mastery of the mind

It is time to free ourselves from the reign of the unconscious. This episode features the main character of this documentary series: BeyondRobot. An android with an extraordinary artificial intelligence that has evolved to such an extent that it goes beyond the information it handles to begin to ask questions about what it does not know and discover the keys to how the human being works. The robot discovers in his inquiry the sequence of the seven steps of human tragedy: Brain-memory-identification-mind-ignorance-unconsciousness-suffering. The history of human suffering is the biographical process of the mind’s dominance in our species. It depends significantly on the emergence of the unconscious and the consequent appearance of the self (as an authentic miracle for any living organism), reaching such a profound degree of identification with any parts that constitute it. It recognizes that it forgets the power it has and ends up confining itself in an identity, annulling intelligence to replace it with an oppressive system. The self is posited as a program configured by family, education, culture, nationality, religion, and morality, dominated by the mind program. In short, everything heard and received from others, the past and what has happened, and everything defined by language to classify it and file it in memory is the unconscious structure in control. To what extent do human beings want to free themselves from what dominates them? What are the possibilities to stop being controlled by a program? How can one escape the prison of a mind full of ideas and beliefs? Language is the tool that has given rise to the emergence of memory, identification, and mind, annulling the purity and clarity of intelligence. All identity is a symbol of something real, language is the illusion representing the authentic, and the lie is a mask that temporarily hides the truth. How and when will the manifestation’ miracle occur for that which is beyond what each person believes to be? The human being can discover his essence behind what he is not. Language contributed to the creation of the lie, which is what the plot of this documentary is about. It can also enter through the cracks of the lie to deconstruct the mechanisms that sustain it. The deprogramming of the robot that we got inside does not allow us to recover the purity of the original intelligence. The challenge is posed through the possibility of conscious use of language power to discover and denounce the lie we have fallen into through the unconscious use of language. This lie is a very complex idea we can summarize in a simple definition: the belief we have created about ourselves. Almost everything that happens to us in life depends on that idea, and it is that idea that is the core so well protected by the ego that the mind can maintain its power. IS IT POSSIBLE TO TRANSCEND THE DOMINION OF THE MIND TO FREE OURSELVES FROM THE PROGRAM THAT CONTROLS US?