Five powers, five ways of escape, and evasion of individual power

We live under the silent and unconscious tyranny of five established forces: the legislative power, the executive power, the judicial power, the power of the press, and the (recent) power of social networks. All are guided by the same false power typical of the human being who has not yet discovered the secret of absolute power within himself. The five known powers are not natural but forces that drag, defend, and attack, and the very nature of these powers is proof of their manipulative artifice. Beyond the five powers already recognized, there is the Sixth Power, an energy that can move the human being from within and inward, announcing the long-awaited and authentic awakening of the power of the individual. Until now, LANGUAGE as a source of individual power, which can transform everything from pure intelligence and awakened consciousness, has not been addressed. This documentary offers the possibility to discover this inner treasure. Super online event to watch exclusively the documentary film SIXTH POWER, based on the EVOLUTIONARY THEORY OF LANGUAGE. What is the relationship between intelligence, language, and consciousness? Are words creating everything without us realizing it? Is it possible to access the roots of language where destiny is determined? Is it possible to free ourselves from the tyranny of the unconscious?