When the light is lit, it spreads and spreads to illuminate many paths.

The caresses and blows coming from outside are bearing fruit. It is as if it were the collective numbness of entire humanity that does not want to take the opportunity to observe the truth, contemplate creation, or celebrate the phenomenon of life. To resist such an illuminating experience, we close our eyes so as not to see, we close our hearts so as not to feel, we close the doors to others so as not to risk, and we confine ourselves in our minds to continue believing in what they tell us. The annoying voices of the lie stun the soft and delicate voice of the Self. But when consciousness awakens, everything begins to turn towards the light. Alverto has conducted five retreats of 3 days each to address this transcendent theme for humanity, the possibility of AWAKENING. Several extraordinary audiovisual productions have been made in a series of videos edited from extracting of the most culminating moments of what Alverto has transmitted.