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From 15th to 18th june

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Overnight stay is limited to 20 people

There will be facilitators and instructors of dance, meditation, singing, painting, poetry, and mysticism.

Alverto Varela

Vittoria Malavasi

Elián Varela

Carmen Cuesta

Fabian Schaefer

The future is our creative potential projected in time. We produce audiovisuals that already exist in the human unconscious and bring them to light. We are led by a global intelligence that has already found the answer and is an expert in solutions.

Each audiovisual production is unique, original, and unrepeatable. These audiovisuals are designed by a creative team that has been coordinated to bring to light Alverto’s work, centered on the purity of love and the power of trust.

Letting this audiovisual medicine into the heart creates the conditions for the soul to be comforted, wounds to be healed, and consciousness to be awakened. Creators of a new audiovisual genre that will reach deep into your ears, eyes, and soul.

Musical pieces are composed of three components: melodies, reflective texts, and images; when united harmoniously, they produce a deep connection. The music is inspiring, guiding you to an inner journey; the images are the support, accompanying you on the journey; and the words with Alverto’s voice bring presence, giving life to the experience.

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